NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Solo Concert Tour “THE AKASHIC BREAK TOUR” Confirmed.

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST will be holding its Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka solo concert tour “THE AKASHIC BREAK TOUR” starting from November 27 (Sat).

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST who has released its new single “THE ONE”, held its battle-of-the-bands “6DAYS OF CHAOS” showcasing the band’s fervent performances alongside up-and-coming bands that bring excitement to the loud rock music scene and bands that can be said to be sworn friends of the same generation, and immediately sold out tickets to its solo concert “DEADLY HALLOWEEN” which will also be held at the same venue.
The band has announced that it will be holding the concert tour “THE AKASHIC BREAK TOUR”.

Consisting of a total of 5 concerts at 3 venues in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, the tour will kick off on November 27 (Sat) at Osaka DROP with its finale concert to be held on December 23 (Thu) at Shindaita FEVER. This will be NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s first solo concert tour since 2018 and will also be the first time the band will be performing outside of Tokyo with its current member lineup.

The earliest advanced ticket sales have started at 6:00pm today, October 20 (Wed), and will end at 9:00pm on October 26 (Tue) (JST).

Furthermore, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s first-ever concert album “SPECIAL ONLINE LIVE” will also be released digitally on October 25 (Mon).
This concert album will be a complete recording of the band’s first-ever online concert that was held on December 20, 2020. It is an album that will allow you to fully enjoy the music like as if you were actually at the venue.

Since the completion of all 6 of its battle-of-the-bands concerts, continuing on with this momentum to immediately sell out its solo concert, and furthermore announcing that it will be holding a Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka concert tour is NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST.
Don’t miss NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST as it continues in its pursuit of further evolution as a live band.

November 27 (Sat) Osaka DROP OPEN 5:30pm/START 6:00pm
November 28 (Sun) Osaka DROP OPEN 5:30pm/START 6:00pm
December 19 (Sun) Nagoya CLUB UPSET OPEN 5:30pm/START 6:00pm
December 22 (Wed) Tokyo Shindaita FEVER OPEN 6:30pm/START 7:00pm
December 23 (Thu) Tokyo Shindaita FEVER OPEN 6:30pm/START 7:00pm

【Ticket Price】 Advanced Ticket ¥5,800 (tax included, all-standing)
※Separate drink charge required at entry
※Preschool-aged children will not be allowed entry. Resale of tickets for profit is prohibited.
※Designated standing place

【Pre-order Ticket Sales】
Ticketing Page URL:
Application Period: October 29 (Fri) 6:00pm ~ November 3 (Wed) 11:59pm (JST)
*December 22 (Wed) 23 (Thu) Tokyo Shindaita FEVER ONLY
*e+ ticket lottery *Smartphone tickets only (ticket allocation possible) *Max. 2 tickets per person per concert *Registration of accompanying person required

【General Ticket Sales】
November 13, 2021 (Sat)

Osaka Concerts: Kyodo Information 0570-200-888
Nagoya Concert: JAILHOUSE 052-936-6041
Tokyo Concerts: DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888

Live Album “SPECIAL ONLINE LIVE” October 25, 2021 (Mon) Digital Release
※Complete recording of the band’s first-ever online concert with its new member lineup, held on December 20, 2020!
<Track List (Total 17 Songs)>
1. Introduction
2. Life is Once
5. Juso (銃創)
6. Punch me if you can
9. REM
10. ZeTeS
11. Malice against
12. the strength I need
13. The Wasteland
15. Left behind
16. Feel myself alive
17. Reviver

Trailer Video:

NEW Single “THE ONE” Now on Sale