Announced the Release of the New Album Next Spring & the New Concert Tour

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST Announced the Release of the NEW ALBUM coming spring and to hold the concert tour “THE AWAKEN TOUR 22” along with this new album release at their Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour “THE AKASHIC BREAK TOUR” Finale Shintaida FEVER Concert.

With-audience concert in February with new member lineup; release of the single “THE ONE” in September; “6DAYS OF CHAOS” the extraordinary 6-day concert at Shibuya CYCLONE and Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka solo concert tour “THE AKASHIC BREAK TOUR”, with all these hot topic activities, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST keeps marching down 2021.
This latest full album is the first release of the band in about 8 years.
Moreover, along with the announcement of the album release, the teaser video is also available now on the official social media accounts.
This video consists of the demo soundtracks on this full album. Please do check it out.

Concert tour announced at the same time as the full album, will be held at 5 venues and the guest bands are scheduled to participate at each concert.
This is the news showing the determination of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST to continue in their pursuit of further evolution as a live band in 2022.




May 7 (Sat) DOMe KASHIWA
May 8 (Sun) F.A.D YOKOHAMA
May 14 (Sat) Nagoya CLUB UPSET
May 21 (Sat) Osaka DROP
June 11 (Sat) Tokyo Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO