• Yu-taro / Guitar
  • Masa / Bass
  • 尋 / Vocal
  • Natsu / Drum
  • Valtz / Guitar
  • Yu-taro / Guitar Masa / Bass 尋 / Vocal
  • Natsu / Drum Valtz / Guitar
  • Vo.尋 Gt.Valtz Gt.Yu-taro Ba.Masa Dr.Natsu
  • 2009年9月結成。
  • 数々のリリースやLIVE活動で、豪快なラウドサウンドと壮絶なライヴパフォーマンスで観客を圧倒するバンドとして名を馳せる。さいたまスーパーアリーナにて開催された国内最大規模のメタル・フェス<LOUD PARK16>や、幕張メッセにて開催された<VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016>といった国内大型フェスにも出演。ヨーロッパやアジアを含む海外ワンマンツアーを成功させるなど、国内外問わずジャンルを超え支持を集める。
  • 2020年6月に配信シングル「Life is Once」で突如再始動を発表。 2か月連続リリースとなる第1弾の配信シングル「ONLY HUMAN」を7/27に発売。第2弾の配信シングル「Reviver」を8/27に発売。
  • 10月、遂にベールに包まれていた新ギタリストが発表され、Valtz、Yu-taroと言う2名の新たなギタリストが加入。
    豪快なギターワークの中にも、繊細かつテクニカルな側面も持ち合わせた技巧派ギタリストである二人が加わったことで重厚感が増したNOCTURNAL BLOODLUST
  • 12月16日に待望のミニアルバム”The Wasteland”を発売。
    また、昨年コロナ禍で活動の縮小を余儀なくされたが、12月20日に新生NOCTURNAL BLOODLUSTとしての初の配信ライブを敢行。
  • そして、今年満を持して、“THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE”と銘打った有観客ライブを2021年2月23日Veats Shibuyaにて2部制で開催。
    その公演終了後に、“NEW WORLD ORDER”と題した2days公演を、5月25日・26日にSHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASUREにて開催することを発表。
  • Vo.Hiro Gt.Valtz Gt.Yu-taro Ba.Masa Dr.Natsu
  • Through several releases and live tours, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST have made a name for themselves with their dynamic sound and spectacular live performances that astonish their audiences. The band has also performed at various large-scale music festivals in Japan, including at Japan’s largest heavy metal music festival “LOUD PARK 16”, and at the “VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016”, which was held at Makuhari Messe. Overseas headline concerts in Europe and Asia, have also helped NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST to gain support internationally.
  • The band resumed their activities in the latter half of 2019 with three members: vocalist Hiro, bassist Masa and drummer Natsu. The band made a sudden return in June 2020 with the single “Life is Once”. On July 27, they released the single “ONLY HUMAN”, the first in a series of new releases over 2 months. A second single, “Reviver”, was released on August 27.
  • In October, details about its mysterious new guitarists were finally unveiled and the band saw the addition of 2 new guitarists, Valtz and Yu-taro. With the addition of the two skilled guitarists who have delicate, technical sides to them alongside their dynamic guitar work, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s music has an added depth to it. Not bound by the traditional image of the visual kei genre, the band continues to actively push forward in creating a new genre of its own. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST released its long-awaited mini-album “The Wasteland” on December 16. The mini-album did not include the 3 digital singles the band had released thus far. Instead, it contained a total of 6 all-new tracks written by the current band members. In addition, despite being forced to limit its activities due to the coronavirus pandemic, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST daringly held its first-ever online concert broadcast on December 20 last year.
  • On February 23, 2021, the band held its long-awaited with-audience concert titled “THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE”, consisting two sessions at Veats Shibuya. After the concert, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST announced that it would hold the 2-days concert “NEW WORLD ORDER” on May 25 and 26 at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE.
    • Vocal BIRTH DATE : NOV 28th
    • Guitar Valtz ENDORSE : Skervesen Guitars
    • Guitar Yu-taro ENDORSE : DR Strings
    • Bass Masa BIRTH DATE : April 2nd ENDORSE : Ibanez btb ・ Darkglass Electronics・D’Addario・Monster Cable
    • Drum Natsu BIRTH DATE : July 31th ENDORSE : Pearl Drums・Zildjian